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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Calarco Family

I was passed this geneaology info regarding Domenic Sciaronne's (Joe Veroni's) wife - Maria Calarco's - family.

Her father:
DOMENICO CALARCO was born in Laganadi, and died in Seneca Falls NY.
He married DOMENICA CATALANO; she was born in Calanna,(4 miles from Laganadi) and died in Seneca Falls.
Domenico moved from Laganadi to S.Alessio (2 miles) abt 1888.

Domenico arrived in USA with ship “Burgundia” in 1898 to work on Lattimer mines (PA) with his son Francesco and others people from Laganadi.
In 1902-1908 he arrived in USA with his sons Antonino , Fortunato, Guglielmo and daughter Mary - who was to married Francesco Lazzaro at the time.

After Great Calabrian Earthquake of 1908 arrived his wife Domenica with latest sons


1. MARIA "MARY" CALARCO, born 1879, Laganadi; died Aft. 1940, ? Guelph CDN.
She married 1897 in S.Alessio Francesco Lazzaro from Calanna . (They had a son named Domenic- Dommy - Tommy - Tom Veroni of Guelph.) After (unknow date and place) she was married with "your" Domenico Sciarrone from Calanna. They had Rosina Sciarrone, married on Guelph with Salvatore Sorbara from S.Giorgio (Their daughter Mary married Frank Silvestro, nephew of Tony Silvestro, one of "the old dons of Ontario".) and Eugenia “Jennie” Sciarrone, born in Guelph 1914 and died in Orilla 2002; she married Martin Zamin on 1947. THEY ALSO HAD TWO SONS NAMED FRANK, one of whom was born in Ottawa in 1910 and died there a few months later. The other Frank (Veroni) became a doctor and moved to Ohio. They also had a son named Joseph Domenic (Veroni)who became well known in Guelph sports circles. Several other children died in childhood.

2. GIUSEPPE "JOSEPH" CALARCO, born in Laganadi; died in Seneca Falls. He married in Seneca Falls Francesca Corigliano from Laganadi
3. FRANCESCO CALARCO, born in Laganadi; died 1918 in Seneca Falls for Spanish influenza. He married Giulia Caputo
4. FORTUNATO "CHARLES" CALARCO, born in Laganadi; died ? Toronto. Married Anna Colella in Toronto. (Charles was one of the men who sued Rocco Perri after the death of Bessie Starkman.)
5. ANTONINO "ANTHONY" CALARCO, born 1889, S.Alessio; died Aft. 1940, ? Canada. He married on Rochester FLORA CORIGLIANO. She was born in, Laganadi and died 1918 in Seneca Falls for Spanish Influenza. After FLORA, ANTONINO moved to Canada and he married in Toronto ROSA GATTUSO, born in Varapodio (CALABRIA)
6. GUGLIELMO "WILLIAM" CALARCO, born in S.Alessio; died ? Canada
7. ELISABETTA "ELIZABETH" CALARCO, she was born in S.Alessio and she died in Seneca Falls; She married in America RAFFAELE "RALPH" SINICROPI, from S.Alessio.
8. DOMENICO CALARCO, born in, S.Alessio; died Aft. 1940, ? Seneca Falls.


Jerry Prager said...

Guelph's Frank Silvestro, the son of Michaelangelo Silvestro - a cousin of Hamilton's Tony and Frank - was actually - what is it then a second cousin ? or first cousin once-removed from Tony and Frank, not a nephew.

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken Frank is not the son of Michaelangelo, but rather his nephew. Franks Grandfather was Pasquale, commenly known as Sam. Pasquale and wife pasqualina had several Children, including Rosie, Eda, Stella, Joey, and Mike. Joey is the father of Frank. I am Grandson of Michaelangelo. For more information on the silvestro family in guelph and hamilton you can contact me, stratocasterstud@hotmail.com

Jerry Prager said...

I culled the following information for Mary Sorbara's husband, whom I call 'Guelph's Frank' (to differentiate him from Tony's brother) from his obituary, published Nov 1 1978: it states that he was the "dear son of Mrs. Angelina Silvestro and the late Michael Silvestro, dear brother of Sam, Domenic, Stella (Mrs. S Buzbuzin), Jaquelin (Mrs. Ted Cote) Mary, George and Michael, all of Guelph. Predeceased by a sister, Victoria."
Are you saying his obituary information is incorrect ?

Jerry Prager said...

The obituary for a 79 year old Samuel Silvestro circa Nov 28 1974, states that he was the husband of Pasqualine Condo, and the father of Joseph of Hamilton, Michael of Welland Mrs. John Bryce (Stella) and Mrs. Gordon North both of Burlington. Mrs. Edward Baratto (Rose) of Missasauga, And Edith Balotti of Hamilton, as well as Teresa and Pasqualina in Italy." Sam's three brothers were already dead, Michael of Guelph, Domenic of Italy and Antonio of Australia.
Presumably straocasterstud, you are the grandson of "Michael of Guelph". whom I always took to be Frank's father, since Michalangelo and Angela Marie are among a hadful of Silvestros other than Frank listed in the cemetery records for Marymount in Guelph.

I have to say though, disentangling the Silvestro clan has not been easy. Especially since Tony is always being referred to as the Don of Guelph even though he never seems to have lived here and his buried in Hamilton, along with his brother, mother Pasqualina Capra, Frank's son (also named Frank) etc.
There is also a Mike and Salvatore buried in Kitchener, from what seems to be a completely separate family.
Still, if you can clarify any of this, feel free, or send me an email via jerryprag@gmail.com and we can piece the clan together than way. Anyone else out there want to join in ?

Anonymous said...

But do you guys know anything about where and what the silvestro family is up to now?
And just to clarify, did Frank have a son named Mike who is still living in Guelph today? And if so, does Mike have any children?

Jerry Prager said...

Frank's son Mike is alive and living in Guelph, but to my knowledge he has no children.
Also since those above posts were written I finished and published Vol. 2 and have a much clearer idea of the Silvestro's. The Guelph Silvestros, of which Mike, his father Frank and Frank's father Michaelangelo are part of the clan I call the Silvestro-Raso's because Michaelangelo married Angelina Raso.
Michaelangelo is himself the child of a Salvatore Silvestro who probably had two wives, Maria Barbera, and Stella Sorbara, since Michaelangelo's brother Antonio SALVATORE(Sam, of Hamilton who married Pasqualina Condi) was the son of Maria Barbera.
I have since heard from the Australian line of Michaelangelo and Sam's brother - Francesco ANTONIO, whose mother was Stella Sorbara.
The old Don of Ontario Tony Silvestro (and his brother Frank) , were the sons of a Francesco Silvestro and a Pasqualina Capra. According to the Australian line the senior Salvatore and the senior Francesco were brothers, making Tony & his siblings, and Michaelangelo & his siblings, cousins.

Talia Rose said...

listen you piece of shit.
Write about your own family or atleats get your facts straight
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Dee said...

Hi, I just stumbled onto this blog googling my last name. I'm from a branch of the Calarco/Mirrara family that moved to New York city in the 1930s. I grew up in Detroit, and later moved to Toronto. Are you saying that the Calarcos in Toronto/Hamilton are Mafiosi? Seriously?

Jerry Prager said...

were anyway.

Anonymous said...

Mary Calarco Lazzario Sciarrone was my great aunt. She was married to Domenic Sciarrone. I am interested in learning more about the Sciarrone family and their connection to the Guelph, Ont.Ca. mofia.

Jerry Prager said...

Re Anonymous Mary Calarco Lazzario Sciarrone, up the side column of the blog is my email address, jerryprag@gmail.com, contact me that way if you want, otherwise Volume one contains most of what I know.

Anonymous said...

One of my best buddies is the son of Mike silvestro. My buddy Dylan silvestro works in advertising in Toronto. His father, Mike silvestro, still lives in Guelph and has many of his own money making schemes to this day.