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Monday, August 13, 2007

Domenic Sciarrone's family

Domenico Sciarrone,alias Joe Veroni son of Francesco and Giuseppe Calarco
(another branch of Calarco's, ) was born in Calanna January 05, 1881.

Francesco Sciarrone and Giuseppa Calarco had:
Rosa b.1877
Domenico Francesco b.1881 (alias Joe Veroni m. Maria Calarco)
Maria Cristina b. 1883
Leopoldo b.1886
Leopoldo Rosario b.1887
Giuseppe b.1888 -alias (Domenic Veroni - the family hitman)
Teresa b. 1891 - visited her brother in Guelph in 1914, 22 years old
Salvatore b.1895 -(Shot at in Brantford, Ont. fled to California
the summer of 1922 when his brothers were murdered
died in Calanna in 1953.)

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