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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Volume Two at the printers

At long last Volume Two has gone to the printers and should be available in early April. On April 5 I'll be doing a book signing at the Bookshelf in Guelph from 2pm -5pm.
Had the curious experience of having a young man utter threats against me with his mother in front of the Cornerstone Cafe in Guelph today. Funny how he reverted to rapper phraseology to threaten me, he even managed to rhyme once: "if my mother wasn't around/you'd be going down." Didn't like my shoes either. It reminded me of an episode of Iron Chef, when a chef from Italy was competing against the Japanese 'Iron Chef Italian', the Italian gushed so much about his mother, that one of the Japanese judges, a woman, scored him low just for being so enthusiastic about 'mama', a thing not done in Japan. I'm somewhat sentimental when it comes to mothers myself, so I found it charming in a threatening sort of way. Don't know who they were, presumably she was the daughter of someone in Volume One. They are convinced everything in my books are lies. I guess the journalists who wrote the stories I use may have been liars, inventing murders and stabbings and drug deals and busts of various kinds. If they were, I'm sorry.

Volume Two is a much more political book than Volume One since it deals with the between-the-war years, with events during the war and those after, until the spring of 1950. I also place the development of organized crime in those years against the backdrop of Establishment crime, in order to detail and describe the way in which gangster capitalism learned to emulate imperial capitalism.

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