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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Legends Readers Write

That's great. I'll be there. You son-of-a-bitch. "Maybe he deserved to die, you'd almost have to hope so."
Who the hell asked you for your opinion? I'm looking forward to this. You???
See you on Saturday.

Kenneth Keating
Grandson of Sam and Concetta Sorbara

April 9, 2008 9:44 PM
It is precisely this atmosphere of threat that allowed for the circumstances of Sam's death in the first place. The facts are that because silence was allowed to govern the Sangiorgiosi following his murder, his killers went free, and probably murdered Joe Nasso the following year. Maybe he didn't deserve to die. Maybe he did something awful,that's the nature of silence. The truth doesn't come out. Look to the Sangiorgiosi for answers.


Anonymous said...

jerry you are right, the comment that Keating made was uncalled for. Itappears that with a comment like that he is no better than the one or ones who murdered mr. sorbara.This fellow is no threat to you. Itis ovious that he does not even understand what you have written. You never wrote anything to disgrace Mr.or Mrs sorbara .Since you wrote the book and did all the research, you do have an opinion.We happen to live in a country where people of all cultures have an opinion.If keating does not agree, move to another country.In my opinion which i have a right to, this fellow is only trying to be some type of munjacake hero, for what reason who knows. GOD BLESS HIM Sangiorgiosi Elders

Jerry Prager said...

I think Mr. Keating has just been feeling a lot of stress over this issue. I bear him no ill will, and I understand through a friend of his, that he is not really the threatening kind of person. I think of the some of the generations of the Ward as suffering some form of post traumatic stress syndrome because of the nature of living in a small community with neighbours who kill and are are allowed to flourish in silence.

Anonymous said...

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