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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I don't really want to sermonize on respect but...
Humans do not bond where they are strong" like all bonding, biochemical or otherwise, it occurs where there is weakness, co-valency it's called: it's how every molecule on the planet is formed, and how water molecules grow into oceans and carbon grows into trees and humans etc: it's the basis of society: it's why we have people cover our backs, without others we have no strength. It's why I regard myself as an Independent Communitarian, I may reserve the right to determine in what way I'll bond with others, but I can't escape bonding altogether. A society has my respect only to the degree that it respects weakness.
I also happen to be someone who was bullied when I was a child, and as a young teenager. The respect required by bullies is the basis of terrorism.
In the cases of the Sangiorgiosi murdered in Guelph before the Second World War, all their deaths may well have been nothing more than the failure to pay the proper respect to the secret society bosses, and while such societies, rooted as they are in complex socio-political histories, may deserve certain degrees of genuine respect, the respect they most require is based on fear, and so to me is not respect at all, except to the degree that we respect gravity near cliff edges, or respect distances around large predators: but that's more a common sense response to peril than it is respect.
What I respect is human suffering, and the degree to which others honour weakness in any given circumstance: it is weakness that makes us strong. And those who join others to make themselves strong in order to force others to respect them, aren't worthy of my respect, or anyone else's, however much they may individually deserve certain kinds of respect for the ways in which they have suffered and responded to the suffering of others.
In that regard, and until further evidence comes in as to the real reasons they were killed, men like Sam Labatti Sorbara and Joe Nasso are legends in my books because they resisted socialized terror.


Mike Sorbara said...

Thank you Jerry

Jerry Prager said...

you're welcome