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An offer you can't understand.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Yet another Delay

Delay at the printers, the book won't be ready until next week.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh that's really to bad. I haven't even read it yet, but can only imagine. I was going to go to your book signing on Saturday, not for a signature, but to ask you what rock you crawled out from under and if I can hold it while you crawl back under it. You will hear from me.

Kenneth Keating
Grandson of Sam and Concetta Sorbara

Anonymous said...


Keating's comment sounds like a threat! wouldn't you think?

All you are tring to do is wright a historical Guelph book. Readers can take it or leave it, but in the end this Kenneth is still going to buy your book and you win in the end!

Yours truly Guelph MORGETI

Jerry Prager said...

Mr. Keating,
I don't think I do any dishonour to either of your grandparents, but I guess that will be for you and the Sangiorgiosi to decide. It is my hope that you in fact can't imagine what I've written, and that you will at least understand why I think the story of the murder of Sam Labatti Sorbara is important for the whole community to know.

Mike Sorbara said...

a lot of people 'was going to go', but I was the only Sorbara there. all talk from these armchair gangsters. a lot of balls from behind your keyboard. what did you have to do that day that was more important?