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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joe Nasso and IMICO 1938

It now seems possible that the reason why Joe Nasso's body was never found after he disappeared in 1938 was that Joe went into the furnaces of the International Malleable Iron Company(IMICO). In recent conversation with me, a long-retired RCMP constable, Nelson Craig, who had been posted to Guelph after Joe's disappearance, remembers that he had been told shortly after arriving that a man whose name he no longer recalls (more than sixty years later) was said to have disappeared into the furnaces before he came. The initial police investigation had gone nowhere because, unlike in the Sam Labbati Sorbara case in 1937, Joe's body had never never found. Assuming that the story the RCMP told Craig was both true and that the man was Joe, then Joe Nasso or at least his body was burned in the furnaces. It doesn't explain why he was murdered. It may however explain why - when I pass the abandoned IMICO lands where they sit on the residential edge of the Ward - they seem desolate, toxic, hovering above the redevelopment back burner where at least one ghost awaits a day of reckoning with the Sangiorgiosi and the Morgeti and with the people of Guelph.

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