What do you get when a deconstructionist joins the mafia ?

An offer you can't understand.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

To All Those Who Suggested it

Some suggested I lead a "Mafia Walk" during today's public strolls through Guelph's neighbourhoods. I chose not to do so because I do not consider a meander through the griefs of the Ward, pointing out places where people were killed, to be in keeping with the line I am trying to walk through these stories. Contrary to what The Mercury quoted me as saying, I do not think of myself as a true crime writer. It's why I call the books Legends, to me the dead aren't blood spectacles distanced by time, they are ghosts, trapped in death through the silence of their loved ones, spirits yearning to leave Alice Street and its environs in peace.
However, if you feel the need to go past the houses and down the streets where the people in my books were murdered, grant those living in the Ward the same respect for privacy you would hope to receive from them if the dead were yours to grieve and the neighbourhood was yours to live in with your own loved ones for a time.
Walk lightly.