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Saturday, April 21, 2007


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copyright Archives of Ontario

The Marriage record of Giovanni (John Durso) and Maria Teresa Grazia Silvestro, sister of Rocco Perri allies, Tony and Frank Silvestro, who in turn were cousins of Guelph's Michaelangelo Silvestro - the father of 1970's Guelph mob boss Frank Silvestro.

Maria Silvestro was born in San Giorgio Morgeto, Tony and Frank were born there, Michaelangelo was born there, although his own son Frank was born in Guelph.

An Ellis Island ship manifests notes that Maria and her 17 year old brother and another sister came to Canada with their mother Pasqualina Capra in 1914. Their father, also named Frank was dead, because Pasqualina is listed as being a widow.
They four were on their way to Maria's brother Angelo's home in Sault Saint Marie, which is where Durso marrried Maria the following year.

John Durso's car was pulled from the Welland canal in 1944, the day before his daughter was to be married. His body was never found.