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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Volume 2: Appendix: The Ratking

"Something wicked this way comes."
The Leduc oil reserves in Alberta were discovered in 1947. Up until that point, Alberta had essentially been a bankrupt province, bailed out by the federal government, and run by the Social Credit government of Ernest Manning (father of Canadian Reform Party founder Preston Manning.) Social Credit was a Christian political ideology that took hold in the West during the 1930's. Social Credit had been conceived by an Englishman named Major CH Douglas, who had believed that the economic hardships endured by workers under capitalism were rooted in the inefficiencies of capitalism itself, since workers lacked the financial resources needed to buy the products they made.
Social Credit recognized that society plays a significant role in the development and maintenance of the capitalist system, and therefore, the government had a role to play in ensuring that workers were able to take advantage of capitalism as consumers. Social Credit also realized that, as in scientific discoveries, the wealth of nation was built on the work of everyone who came before any given entrepreneur, so that any discovery or invention was actually part of society's wealth.
After 1947 however, and the development of the Leduc oil fields, big oil companies rolled into Alberta, and while the Social Credit Party continued to govern until 1971, it's ideology became strictly neo-liberal corporatism (except to the degree that the party sold the province in exchange for oil-financed social credit designed to keep Alberta tax-free for its citizens.) Alberta had originally been established as a province run by large landowners, many of whom were the sons of British peers, they ran the province like a fiefdom. Alberta has been run that way ever since. It is governed by a one party state and considers itself the champion of democracy, when it is really a wholly-owned subsidiary of American and Canadian oilmen, who continue to pay the mortgage on the province by paying Alberta's tax bills. The old Alberta maxim "Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark" is based on the fact that Alberta oil goes to America, it doesn't come to the rest of Canada. And the same people are starting to redirect rivers flowing through Canada into the States so that drinking water can be used to keep lawns green in states that are otherwise deserts.
There is one other curiousity in the big oil story, in the American movie, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, a fantastical treatment of an actual West-Texas frontier hanging-judge made in the 1970's, the movie ends with Bean's return to the town he had founded decades before. The judge discovers that oilmen and their banking friends have over run the town, so he burns it to the ground. While the town is burning, the camera stops on a sign on one of the oil derricks. It reads Oil was discovered in West Texas on September 11 1923.
Made nearly three decades before Fox Television's shock and awe footage played out of New York City airwaves on September 11 2001, Life and Times... depiction of the roots of the relationship between Texas oilmen and bankers and the narrowness of their world view seems starkly prophetic.
Like almost everyone, I was willing to believe the official versions of what happened on 9/11, but the more I came across internet analysis of discrepancies in the TV coverage and the subsequent spinning of the event, the more the Bush family's Nazi roots made sense of the case against the official version.
Here is not the place to go in depth into 9/11 frauds. (Look them up.) The Internet arguments provide a frame by frame; claim by claim, detail by detail deconstruction of every aspect of the tragedy. (Tragedy in the classical sense of a consequence caused by hubris - pride.) Scientists have begun weighing into the debate. Historians are digging around. And just as in Noah's Flood, it didn't just rain for forty days and forty nights, water erupted from 'the foundations of the deep." There were explosions in the basements of the Trade Towers reported by people who are still living, blasts before the towers were even hit.
When it was all over, the ground-zero craters remained molten for weeks after the event, emitting the chemicals used to create thermite, the explosive used by building demolition crews, one of the only things on the planet that would have burned that long and that hot (a lot hotter than jet fuel.)
The building's security company removed all bomb sniffing dogs from the towers in days before the event, the electrics above the fifty story floors were closed for repairs in the days leading up to 9/11. One of the board members of the Kuwaiti-American financed security firm was a cousin of George W's, Marvin Bush. The architects claim that the building was designed to take the impact of several 747 collisions, and that they don't buy the pancake theory of collapsing floors bringing down the towers - all three that fell that day. Of course, only two of the towers are normally discussed because the third one was never hit by anything: Tower 7 fell by itself: it crimped in the middle like its central steel columns had been cut and then blown and the 40 story building came down like a case-perfect demolition job, not causing the slightest damage to the buildings across the street from it.
Hundreds of security cameras fixed on the buildings surrounding the Pentagon, and which would have shown exactly what happened there, were seized immediately after the explosion and have never been shown, even though, presumably they all would have shown aspects of the plane that Bush and Co. allege hit the brain of the military-industrial complex. The only pieces of plane found were small enough to be carried off the grounds by hand, unlike any other jet crash in the history of jet crashes. The whole event may have been nothing but smoke and mirrors. If you thought the 9/11 commission was anything but a place for spinning a story that the extreme right wanted you to believe then you really want to believe it.
It seems that the hardest thing for people to understand, isn't that such a conspiracy could exist, it's how it could act so extensively, with so many loose threads bound to end up showing, and how did the conspirators think they would get away with it. The 'why' has to do with the Bush family's Nazi past, and the covert mercenaries and secret contractors of Cheney's friends in the Carlysle Group and Blackwater Inc. It's ultimately about power as a narcotic, the addiction of power. And however much they deny it in public, the extreme right knows that there is an environmental catastrophe coming, because the science was never in doubt. Before it comes, they need a state of extended Marshal Law in order to seize control of various resources, especially oil, water and high land that will remain arable. Vast tracts are being bought up all over the world, they call them land banks, and you can bet that if the general populace needs something from them some day, there will be a usury fee attached, if the water or food is available at all. And if this all sounds like a movie, it's because movies work when they speak to things that are actual. History is full of precisely these kinds of coups. They've just never this big, never this elaborate, but then the people responsible have been orchestrating right-wing coups around the globe since before the second world war. It's their business.
The 'how do they think they could get away with it," has to do with television. A handful of highly questionable occurrences were made real by TV: images and commentaries played over and over again created a specific effect: earlier versions that showed different facts than those required to terrorize the public were left out and would have disappeared altogether if not for the internet. The goal was to pass the Patriot Act so that an endless war against terror could be triggered, an enemy so fluid and elusive that the war need never end. Even as the cries of 'freedom and democracy" rang out of Bush's mouth and across the airwaves, the reality is that Americans (and Canadians) are now less free than we were, not because of terrorists, but because of our right wing governments. And all this was brought to you by Television. Remember when the Iraqi war ended ? It was when the Americans killed Iraqi TV. TV has become the mind of a nation. As soon as Saddam stopped broadcasting, Bush-Cheney controlled all the information that came out of Iraq and the war was over except for the long, brutal aftermath. The Right don't care that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's have been killed; those 3000 plus 9/11 deaths justify everything.
Between 9/11 2001 and now, however, a communications revolution took place: up until then the internet had been a "read only" environment, that's why the new internet is called version 2.0, because suddenly it became what it was always intended to become: a place where individuals could write to the rest of the world, as well as read what only those with money and expertise could once post there. You-tube didn't exist back then, the ability to produce news other than that produced by a handful of corporate agencies is creating conscious political evolution in the place of revolution.
Originally created by the American military as a way of preserving local sources of information in the event of a nuclear war, the World Wide Web became the most egalitarian platform in history. Official versions of events in the guise of corporate television produce a controlled set of images that now keep slipping out of the control of those who staged the events, because the internet is full of anarchists who don't shock and awe as easily as do middle class Anywhere North Americans. They have less to lose.
Canada would have been an American territory a long time ago if handfuls of individuals hadn't taken on larger American forces. A handful of Internet anarchists are taking on one of the best financed disinformation cabals ever: hundreds of thousands of people a day are going online to look at their evidence and are comparing it to that of Bush-Cheney. Like the movie Wag the Dog, we have Wag the Fox.
If there were really an army of terrorists out there, they could do more harm to a nation's or a neighbourhood's security by performing small, random acts of continuous terror than by one staged, television event in New York City. Just look at life in America to see how much terror Americans inflict on one another on the streets, in shopping malls, in playgrounds and in one another's homes, and on a daily - even an hourly - hell, minute by minute basis. The War on Terror has to be continuously spun by Bush and Cheney in order to stay in focus, because of all the unrealities involved in their TV productions since they first seized the government in that very Third World-like coup in 2000. (The short version of that coup was that George W. Bush was a) the grandson of a former Nazi collaborator and war profiteer b) was also the son of a former president (who was himself the former head of the secret police - the CIA) and c) had won a disputed election in a state run by d) his brother. The election was also won by e) rigging votes that were then declared legal by f) the chairperson of Bush’s state campaign, (who also happened to be the top state law official there.)
Organized crime isn't just sitting back and learning to emulate the respectable, they are participating. In order to defraud the middle class all you need to do is provide services that allow Anywhere North Americans to remain delusional: the fantasy of suburban living as defined by television is the greatest achievement in mind control the world has ever seen, and organized crime has played a major role by laundering the profits of narcotics misery into shopping malls and subdivisions and restaurants and music clubs and water bottling businesses etc.
Their associates around the world have ensured that there are now upwards of 27 million slaves on the planet, a good portion of them prostitutes, but the majority are resource extraction workers, all quartered in Third World countries, all living and dying to serve the insatiable appetite of the West for cheap goods and thrills. Those millions don't even include all the indentured Third World poor living in corporate work compounds whose lives are spent creating the goods used to sustain the delusions of the West. There is no Social Credit there; they can't afford to buy what they make.
Third World gangsters working for the West run the corporate compounds and the resource extraction slave trades, and the slaves aren’t worth a quarter of what a slave in the Old South was once worth: these are disposable people that get dumped on the streets when their use is depleted. A river of blood runs under our economy and few seem to care, as long as they can continue buying things cheap at Walmart. The poor of the Third World may not have social credit, but the poor of Anywhere North America have been co-opted by store-credit.
Social Credit understood that one of the flaws of capitalism were disenfranchised consumers, so the banks and then department stores created credit cards, with usury fees attached, to keep consumers in enough goods and services to make them almost happy for life: and like Watership Down's fattened farm rabbits, they surround themselves with material comfort and don't understand what the wild rabbits are worried about. And yet, they are worried, that's why they ply themselves with prescription drugs by the tonne, in order to stay sane. It's not so much a conspiracy as it is what the late detective novelist Michael Dibdin described as a "Ratking", a natural phenomenon that occurs among dense populations of rats living in close proximity whose tails become so entwined by the excrement, dirt and blood of their common lives that they become self contained organisms.
Organized crime groups in both the legitimate and black markets are ratkings. America is governed by one of the most powerful ratkings in history.
Here in Canada, we have a Conservative government financed by Alberta's oilogarchy and by Toronto and Montreal bankers. And we have a control freak, corporate apologist for Prime Minister, who has an agenda to privatize the commons and thus help turn everything on the planet into a commodity that can be bought and sold to credit-fed consumers at compounding interest rates. And still the environmental crisis is being down played, because if they actually admit they know that it's going to happen then there will be a conflict the ratking doesn't want: they survive on the unwary. That’s the kind of Social Darwinist dominant predator they are.
The fraud that was 9/11 was the easiest thing in the world to conceive of getting away with: even the working class in Anywhere North America are obsessed with their own security before the rights of those who bleed their lives dry in order to keep them in gadgets and comforts.
If the Internet 2.0 hadn't come along, the house of cards that is the real basis of the evidence for the 9/11 "terrorist attack" would have stood forever. That is why the Ratking is trying to control the Internet; why it’s trying to convince the public the web should be tamed.
In the 1970's movie version of the musical Godspell: Jesus and his disciples are dancing on the roof of one of the then uncompleted Trade Towers, and they are singing about the necessity of removing the plank from your own eye before condemning your brother for having a dust mote in his eye. Judas however, ends the song with "Yes it's all for the best, someone needs to be oppressed." The camera pulls back to reveal the Towers as the music plays out.
When the Towers went down that day in 2001, didn't we all feel the weight of an oppression, a heaviness that couldn't be met just by shopping, nor by hiding ourselves in our credit-induced material cocoons, an oppression that could only be met by listening again and again to the official version of events as the news clips were streamlined and finalized and the account was filled with lies told over and over again, until most Anywhere North Americans now feel certain that they live in a community under siege, and that someone halfway across the world (a 'former' CIA agent at that) with a dust mote in his eye was responsible. Anywhere North Americans have willingly sacrificed the freedoms that men and women died to preserve in the 1940's. (How many Canadian's died fighting a war machine financed by men like Prescott Bush and why does no one care ?)
With the plank in our own eyes, we watched the Trade Towers disintegrating at the speed of free fall and couldn't even see the explosions that simultaneously dropped the buildings in one of the most impressive displays of controlled pyrotechnics ever, shocked and awed, what we saw, was what they told us was there. And it was a lie, and most people still believe the lie, because if they don't believe it, they'd have to wake up and do something about the mote in their own eye, in the depths of their rabbit hole, a mote that can barely be seen because of the rose-coloured glasses we wear that were bought on credit. Maybe that's why Zombie movies are becoming so popular again: the living dead are everywhere. "It's all for the best, someone has to be oppressed."
The ratking is as much a consequence of society as it is of individuals, families or even clans. What we need is truth and reconciliation, what we need is a way out before it’s too late.

Some believe that the government should be run like a business, others disagree. I think there’s a Third Way. The critical issues for commonwealth are central banking, ‘legal tender’, and corporations without legal consciences. The banking, paper money and ‘government as business’ problems can be solved through citizen-credit unions. Ie. All levels of Canadian government would become municipally-based, neighbourhood economic centres run by civil servants/credit union employees. All levels of bureaucracy from the local, to the bioregional, to the provincial to the federal state, would serve in pyramid state responsible to elected Councilors & Legislators. The business of the civil credit union would be the governance of Canada through all Departments & Ministries. The business of the government would be to serve the members/citizens: services would be intergovernmental, membership fees/citizenship dues would replace taxes and bank fees. Watershed bio-regions would be created/modified to serve between local communities and the provinces. The streamlined electoral system would see provincial cabinets consisting of bio-regional-chairs working with a lower ‘municipal’ house consisting of heads of local councils; federal MP’s would be provincial cabinet MPP’s. Provincial leaders would serve in the national cabinet, and the PM would be elected directly.
A Free Enterprise Act would solve the corporate problem: only individuals or limited companies of individuals could do business: each company of individuals and each individual would remain liable for their own actions.