What do you get when a deconstructionist joins the mafia ?

An offer you can't understand.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meyer Lansky would have been proud

The complete collapse of the global economy was apparently staved off by 350 billion in drug profits that got flushed through the system, when the money markets were turned on end and all the honest people fell out: it's the largest money laundering scam in the history of the world.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guelph Police Book and Iced

I assume that the authors of the new Guelph Police book Fingerprints Through Time used the new Canadian organized crime book Iced, as the source of their facts about Frank and Sam Silvestro, rather than information provided by the Guelph Police Force or from genealogical sources, because both books list them as sons of Hamilton's Tony Silvestro. They are the sons of Guelph's Michaelangelo Silvestro as proved in both Vol. 1 and Vol 2.

Blow below the belt to pot-crime sydicates ?

Will the legal possession of five pot plants - a number freed by Liberal Senators from the new Tory crime legislation - mean the end of grow ops despoiling neighbourhoods and signal an end in sight for marijuana gangsterism ? It certainly could become that over time if people simply started growing their own. It is illegal to drive or hunt stoned. Does that mean you are you allowed to own the plants, but not free to dispose of them by burning them in small batches after harvesting ?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Vol. 3,

Vol 3 will not be ready for Christmas.
It has taken me quite awhile to understand how to write Volume 3. It will be released in two parts in the new year, successively, part two nearer the spring. I will be reprinting Vols. 1 and 2, unrevised before Christmas. It had been my intention to revise them along with the release of 3, but this is as is. I will have an errata bookmark available, especially as regards their being two Domenic Longos, not one as v. 1 and 2 suggest, the two are Frank Longo's brother in Guelph, and Frank's son, who was Papalia's 1980's Californian advisor mentioned in Adrian Humphrey's The Enforcer (my source). Domenic Longo, the so-called third "old Don of Ontario" alongside Tony Silvestro and Giacomo Luppino is a composite person, possibly created by Humphreys or the police. Frank's brother was interned during WWII, Frank's son advised Papalia not to kill Iannuzzelli for running his own rackets in Niagara Falls. Louis Iannuzzelli lived until a few days after that Domenic Longo died in 1985.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas 2009

I know I keep promising this book, but my intention now is to have Vol 3 ready for Christmas, and to that end I have begun in earnest to break out of may introductory trap and get into the body of the book.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Volume 3 Update

After considerable research I have finally begun writing volume three. The biggest problem in the research was the fact that I've bitten off nearly sixty years of mob activity to write about. The most difficult aspect of which, was the overview, the context in which the stories of the Morgeti needed to be placed. I seem to now have a reasonable handle on the events in Calabria (the Raso-Albanese/Facchineri feud revolving around Cittanova and San Giorgio Morgeto) from the mid-1960's on, events which can be placed alongside the creation of the Siderno Group, the Reggio Group and the Tyrrhenian Group, as per Albert Anastasia and Frank Costello's Mafia Calabrese alliance with Antonio Macri, Domenico Tripodi and Girolamo Piromalli.
The Siderno Group's role in Montreal and Toronto has been much discussed by other writers, but without any reference to (or understanding of the existence of) the Morgeti.
An actual publishing date has not yet been determined. I will try to update more often.
Anyone have a photograph of Guelph's Frank Silvestro I can use ?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dominic Longo 2

Through various internet searches, and the discovery of the obituary of his sister Katherine Ramella (nee Longo), who died in Welland Ontario on Mar 18 2002, it is now obvious that the transplanted Californian Dominic Longo who was one of the men to whom Johnny Papalia showed respect, was the nephew of Guelph's Domenic Longo, the man interned during the war. The Californian was married to a woman named Lena, they had several children, and they created several scholarship funds in that state, as well as contributed to the Republican Party there. That Dominic is the son of Frank Longo, one of Joe Veroni's pallbearers back in 1922. He was probably born in Welland.

Dominic Longo

I'm working on Volume 3, and it has come to my attention that the Dominic Longo who moved to Calfornia to open what became the largest Toyota dealership there was 65 when he died in 1985, which means that he was born in 1920. Adrian Humphreys in The Enforcer, his book on Johnny Papalia, identified that Domenic Longo as one of the three old dons of Ontario, and an associate of Tony Silvestro's who was interned as an enemy alien along with Tony and Rocco Perri in the 1940's. They are two different men. The Longo who was interned married a Guelph woman named Vittoria Valeriote in 1923 when Dominic was 30, which means he was born in San Giorgio Morgeto in 1893, which makes him a peer of Silvestros. I have yet to figure out when that Dominic Longo died or where.
According to Humphreys, who is quoting from police wiretaps, California's D. Longo had phone conversations with Papalia regarding a Niagara racketeer named Iannuzzelli a purported friend of Longo's, but who disappeared three days after Toronto police learned of Longo's death. Humphreys says that that Longo was an older man, who had Papalia's respect, since had been a friend of his father's. The fact is that Papalia was born on March 18 1924, and was therefor little more than four years younger than the Californian Longo, which doesn't exclude respect, just not for the reasons given by Humphreys. Whoever the police were wire tapping, the D. Longo who was interned was the older man, Frank Longo's brother, both of whom were in Guelph in 1911-12 when Perri was arrested and tried as Rocco Portatelli for the murder of Micahel Fazzari.
Not sure I can clear this all up before Vol. 3 is done, but sorry for the earlier misinformation. What it does of course, is prove to me that the my continuing genealogical searches and efforts to clarify everything I can, whether it was in someone else's book or not, is the right path. My apologies again.