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An offer you can't understand.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Volume 3 Update

After considerable research I have finally begun writing volume three. The biggest problem in the research was the fact that I've bitten off nearly sixty years of mob activity to write about. The most difficult aspect of which, was the overview, the context in which the stories of the Morgeti needed to be placed. I seem to now have a reasonable handle on the events in Calabria (the Raso-Albanese/Facchineri feud revolving around Cittanova and San Giorgio Morgeto) from the mid-1960's on, events which can be placed alongside the creation of the Siderno Group, the Reggio Group and the Tyrrhenian Group, as per Albert Anastasia and Frank Costello's Mafia Calabrese alliance with Antonio Macri, Domenico Tripodi and Girolamo Piromalli.
The Siderno Group's role in Montreal and Toronto has been much discussed by other writers, but without any reference to (or understanding of the existence of) the Morgeti.
An actual publishing date has not yet been determined. I will try to update more often.
Anyone have a photograph of Guelph's Frank Silvestro I can use ?