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Monday, March 19, 2007

Interesting List

I can't read the site because I don't read Italian but there is an interesting list of feud victims dated by year, that includes some of the Facchineri, who have been fight a war against the Raso-Albanese for control of San Giorgio Morgeto since 1963.



Leone paziente said...

Hello Jerry!!! Sorry but my english is not so good!!! That is a list of all the known victims of Camorra (like mafia) in Naples
(my country) and in other country!!!
I took part in an anti-mafia association called "libera"(www.libera.it)! I'm very interested to the Facchinieri's story!!!! Thank you!!!

Jerry Prager said...

Your English is better than my Italian. You say the Facchineri murders are Camorra related ?