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Monday, March 5, 2007

Meet the Morgeti

The people of the Calabrian village of San Giorgio Morgeto call themselves Sangiorgiosi, I call the criminal element of that village Morgeti. Morgezio was an ancient king of southern Italy. There is currently a mob war going on for control of that village between the Facchineri clans of nearby Cittanova and the Raso-Albanese. More than one hundred people have been killed since 1963.
1963 is also the year in which the so-called Code of San Giorgio Morgeto was discovered in the home of the boss of Taura Nova, Giuseppe Mammoliti.
Most of the Calabrians who settled in Guelph, Ontario are Sangiorgiosi; a significant number are Morgeti. Many of the allies of both Domenic Sciarrone (the first Calabrain don of Ontario circa 1911-1922) and the King of the Bottleggers (Rocco Perri - boss from about 1922-1944) were Morgeti. Tony Silvestro, one of the 'three old dons of Ontario' was a Morgeti, as was Domenic Longo, also know as one of the 'three old dons.' (The third was Giacomo Luppino from Hamilton.)

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Anonymous said...

You will find that Rocco Perri was not originally from San Giorgio Morgeto but from the Calabrian village of Plati.

Jerry said...

Yes, I am aware that Rocco Perri was from Plati. I guess I should have been specific about him too. I was focusing on the Morgeti, thinking that better known people could take of themselves. And here you are to defend them.