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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Source of my Research


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How Canada's Most Powerful Mafia Family Runs its Business
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The Inside Story of a Canadian Biker, Hitman and Police Informer
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www.oldlapdania.com mob watcher website

http://www.sgiorgiomorgeto.it/ San Giorgio Morgeto village website

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Archives of Ontario series RG 22 392
Box 172 Giovinazza, James

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Anonymous said...

is there any movie or doctumery on rocco?

Jerry Prager said...

Before Dubro and Rowlands wrote King of the Mob they produced a CBC radio drama, which the CBC presumably might still have for sale. I know from talking to James Dubro that they have always had script ideas for movies but no one was interested. Dubro did just produce a series of documentaries for the Canadian History Channel, one of which was on Paul Volpe and Domenic Racco, so they might have one in the works. Dubro can be contacted at JamesDubroBooks@on.aibn.com.
Rowlands website is listed on my blog list.

Anonymous said...

there is a Mob Stories (History Channel) on Rocco called "King of the Bootleggers".