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Monday, April 30, 2007

Google Mania - Raso-Albanese and Calabrian Land swindles

Calabrian Morgeti
The doctor Liliana Frascà, in charge of the CGIL for the comprensorio of Reggio Calabria, has said: “by now from years to Reggio Calabria we make a war with the companies of pulizie or the companies that manage the caterings in the jails or other centers for the respect of the laws and contracts. It has become a wearying war and we do not succeed to make to respect the laws neanche from the contracting out agencies, than a lot often they are Ministries, for which we find ourselves in the event of forehead to greatest difficulties of some companies”.
Also the world of agriculture perceives the symptoms of one aggression from part of the gangs. The presence of mafia elements has been marked in many agricultural and food- markets. Also the land property are object of particular attention from part of the gangs that in existence put one oculata strategy of “mafia expropriation” of some lands. Meant there are the case of the baroness Teresa Cordopatri who has had to fight in order to prevent that to the lands of property of its family from many centuries finissero in the hands of the Mammoliti and the case of mrs. Maria Giuseppina Cordopatri whose lands have been object of the appetites of the Raso-Albanese.
The provincial Federation of Reggio Calabria of the National Confederation of Small Farmers has sended a famous one to the Commission signaling that in the flat one of Tauro Joy and the Locride 'ndrangheta the “protection” has tax to the agriculturists on the cultivations, the harvest and the business patrimony generally. They are often taken place, to the aim to impose the “protection” to riottosi, fires, cuts of the plants, thefts, damagings, ruberie of varied type in the coloniche houses and the campaigns. The regional director of the Confagricoltura, dottor Lacquaniti, has remembered that the insurance agencies do not assure more the reserviors of the oil, the silos and often neanche he blots some to them agricultural. The cultivators come tax to you also in the period of collection of the commodities.
The presence of the mafia families comes perceived talora in the production and the confection of the olive oil. The mafia families have found the way to make to perceive their presence also in the field of the swindles in damage of the AIMA and the European Community.

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