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Friday, April 13, 2007

More Fun with Google Translation search "Morgeto 'ndrangheta"

Raid anti `ndrangheta
Reggio Calabria, 12 estorsori in throttles

of Mario Bonino
Twelve arrests, tens of searchs, seizure of thought material “interesting”. Practically it has been sgominato the mafia clan that, second the enquirers, reigned indisturbato from decades. The main result of an immense operation is this the antiMafia completed yesterday from the police, and that it has had like objective the gang Facchineri di Cittanova (Reggio Calabria). The accusations for the persons ended in jail, deductions affiliated to the clan, go from the crimes of mafia association to the racketeering, to the drug traffic. The raid, to which they have taken part beyond centocinquanta policemen of the police headquarters of Reggio Calabria, has made followed the emission of guard provisions to secure in jail emitted from the Jeep Alberto Cisterna, upon request of the district power of attorney the antiMafia. Between it arrests it to you figure also various young people members of the Facchineri family, Giuseppe, of 29 years, Salvatore Facchineri (to he the provision has been notified in jail) of 25 years. They have been locked up in prison also Franco Carere of 22 years, Small Andrea of 24,(PICCOLO TRANSLATES AS SMALL) Luigi Fazari of 23, Girolamo Fazari of 25, Gaetano Zangrà of 23, Donated Avati of 31, Giuseppe 30 Muscatello of and Domenico Naples of 40 years. It is escaped once again to the capture instead Luigi Facchineri, 32 years, chased from sends you of capture from 11 years, “record” that has made it to insert in the directory of the 30 more dangerous fugitives in Italy. Still searched also Andrea Sorbara, 22 years, of Saint George Morgeto (Rc). According to how much emerged from surveyings, one of the “specialties” of the gang was the racketeering to traders put into effect with a system that succeeded terrorizzare the victims. True and macabro a just rituale one. Before the demand for the money, in fact, it came placed the head stumped of a dog dinanzi to the room of the trader. Such violence to succeed to induce to Hush the all the victims. No denunciation, no story to the enquirers. “Nobody of the victims - the quaestor of Reggio Calabria Franco Malvano has said in the course of a press conference - has never introduced denunciation for the endured intimidazioni, to testimony of the climate of established terror”. Beyond to the racketeerings, the enquirers have contested to inquire also the commerce to you of crews, the cultivation of Indiana hemp, thefts and holdups. The Facchineri gang moreover would have been protagonist, in last the twenty years, to Cittanova, of one of cruenti faide of the mafia history. A war of being able, for the predominion on the comprensorio of the common one of Saint George Morgeto, against the adverse faction of the Shave-Albanian-Gullace, RASO-TRANSLATES AS SHAVE AS IN RAZOR) marked from tens of dead men kills to you, ambushes and woundings in true and just a climate from Make. Appreciation for the operation of the police has been expressed to the quaestor Franco Malvano from the president of the Commission the Antimafia Ottaviano Of the Turk.

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